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Here's another good resource to find see if your electrical panel (breaker box) is safe.


​It only takes one time for a breaker to not do its job and cause a fire. We hear it all the time, "Well I've never had a problem in 20 years with this panel." 

First off, it could be that the reason you haven't had a problem is because the breaker doesn't work and is not stopping potential overheating of your wiring and panel components.

Second off, even if you haven't ever had a known problem with your breakers, it only takes one time. Think about it this way; You didn't know you had a problem with your clothes dryer until it stopped working. You didn't know you had a problem with the starter on your car until one day, it just didn't start. Breakers are mechanical and can work fine for years until that one time when it just doesn't trip and overcurrent causes tremendous heat which leads to fires. 

Don't play around with safety! If you even suspect that your panel or breakers aren't safe, give us a call and let us check them out for you.


​If you have an old Federal Pacific electrical panel (breaker box), it could be a fire hazard. Check this link to see if your panel is a fire hazard. 


If your breakers have a red trip handle on the breaker, it is a Federal Pacific breaker. But the red handle breakers are not the only culprits. There are other stablock breakers that are plain black. How To Identify Federal Pacific panels & breakers: 


Give us a call and we'll come make an inspection for you and give you an estimate on replacement. 

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